What Happened to Best on the Web for Teachers?


I have no idea where they went. They're gone!

The site just dissappeared.


Though, I have to tell you, they have been missing in action for years. I've tried to contact them numerous times with no response.

I wanted to change the short descriptor of my link on their site. Since I no longer provide links and info for Lesson Plans, I felt the info was misleading, but they never responded to my requests. I was stuck.

It will take me a while to remove all the links on my pages (grumble, grumble).

Sorry for any confusion and consternation this may cause.



Contact me, David Watson, at david.flyingt@gmail.com



A picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of two galaxies colliding

Andy's current day-job is keeping these two
galaxies from colliding.

David, with the help of all the great brained
sperm whales on the planet,
struggles to maintain the balance of nature.

Yup, that's what their big brains are really for.

Andy has moved on to other pursuits - a demanding new day job, and, of course, he continues to protect the galaxies in our quadrant of the universe, as he has always done....

Questions for Andy should be sent David Watson at the email above. I dutifully do my best to answer, and when necessary, will forward the question on to mysterious Andy....










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