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Links to Home School Resources
I removed several links that appeared to be discontinued.
If your link was removed incorrectly, or has a new address, or if you know of a good resource, please let me know.

Okay, Here Begin the Real Home School Links:
Eclectic Homeschool Online     Magazine for creative homeschoolers.

Eclectic Homeschool Resource Directory     The Eclectic Homeschool Resource Directory is designed to list any and all commercial companies or products of interest to homeschoolers. Non-commercial educational sites are listed in their Eclectic Weblinks Index.

ExperiKits, Inc.   ExperiKits, Inc. provides educational resources that stimulate hands-on learning and complement home schooling curriculum. The educational kits are geared towards students aged ten through eighteen, at home or in school.

Furious Shepherd's Homeschool and Education Links      Lots of links.

Homeschool Central  Very good all around resource.

State Laws from Homeschool Central  A useful page.

Home School Organizer    It's main purpose is to provide you with some useful home school organizing software but it also has links and other useful resources.

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page     One of the largest and most popular sites.

Nicholas Academy Homeschooling Resources     Our homeschooling resources include a collection of free software downloads, homeschool freebies, and educational exercises. We have product reviews, printable charts and tables, links to some very cool web sites, plus much, much more!

Teach-at-Home     Links, news, facts, and features. Good site.

The Yeager Group    From their own introduction: " The Yeager Group is a multifaceted, ministry oriented firm capable of serving in a variety of specializations. We are dedicated to promoting academic and moral excellence in education. We believe this begins with excellence in the home. Please click on the links built into the company logo to gain more detail on the services we offer."

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