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 Education Resources for Teachers, Educators, and Parents    Best on the Web for Teachers
Best Ed. Sites     A collection of "the best educational links on the web", from Janice Berthiaume. She has chosen sites of interest to both students and teachers.

CoachLab Probeware for Science, Math, and Technology Educators     This is the best way for students to learn. "CoachLab is a system of products designed by educators that can help your students to learn during hands on labs, experiments, or demonstrations in science, math, or technology-education." It's designed to be easy for teachers and students to learn.

Color Theory for Kids and Teachers     This online lesson design is created for you to learn about or review Color Theory. There are online interactive sites, examples, puzzles, and games to help you learn.

Dr Labush's Links to Learning     Just what it says - Lots of helpful links carefully and thoughtfully compiled by Dr. Labush.

Denver Earth Science Project     The Denver Earth Science Project (DESP) is a K-12 earth science education curriculum development and teacher training effort coordinated by the Colorado School of Mines.  A series of educational "modules" addressing a range of earth science topics has been developed. Teacher training workshops on each module are offered throughout the nation. It looks like a good program.

Education Central      An electronic communication and resource center for professional educators. It is a vehicle by which all educators can exchange views and experience, questions and answers, broaden their collegial associations, discuss educational issues and policy, and easily find resources related to professional education.

Education World      Lesson plans, search engine, practical info for educators, how to integrate technology into the classroom, articles by education experts, site reviews, and much more.

EduQuery - Educational Inquires      Web-based news, information and research for educators.  EduQuery... serves as the online site for John Rice, an Educational Technology Consultant based in College Station, TX.
Education Library Curiculum Resources      Education resources in all subjects from the Northern Teritory Library and Information Service.

Explorer    The ExplorerTM is a collection of educational resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, student created materials ...) for K-12 mathematics and science education.

The Gateway     The Gateway to Educational MaterialsSM is a Consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.  Teachers, parents, administrators can search or browse The GatewaySM and find thousands of high quality educational materials, including lesson plans, activities, and projects from over 414 GEM Consortium member sites.      "This academic web site contains a wealth of carefully selected, educational material, information and links to educational resources sites on the internet. Their team of dedicated teachers and students have produced a collection of the very best educational web sites for students, teachers and parents, complete with informative description. It is the resource centre for everyone with an interest in education and training."

K-12 World     K-12WORLD is a collection of quality links to educational sites and resources.

4 Kids      Education links for kids and parents on every subject.

Links 4 Kids        A 'Safe Haven' with Over 18,500 links to the best education and fun for kids, parents, and teachers.   Includes:  Art, Computers, Food, Freebies, Homework, Languages, Math, Soccer, Teacher Resources, Worksheets & more....

Power to Learn     Wide variety of resources for educators and students

R    Mechanicals      Something interesting from Scotland.  It's a shame we don't do more of this kind of stuff in the U.S.   A very good way to learn some technical and engineering and physics basics.  I have a copy of their book and like it very much.   The clever name comes from Shakespeare (See "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Act III scene II"). I've been told that some child safe filters flag the word r___ as a possible problem, so I have been a little hesitant about including it in this listing. I've chosen the coward's way out, and listed the word as r___ .   Does anyone know if this is really true?

Science Master      From their intro page:   "At ScienceMaster, each major science category has its own page, chock full of information, news, links, pictures, products and services, with the best content from NASA, the USGS, the EPA, NOAA & leading colleges & universities. ScienceMaster is the place to learn about the universe, or space, find information on volcanos, and global warming, explore plants, animals or DNA, and study physics or chemistry." 

The Science Spot     A really, really nice site with all kinds of stuff for teachers and students.   I especially like the Junk Box wars stuff (at and the Super Slinger.   But you should visit my page on fleas and catapults if you go there.

School Zone    The UK's biggest collection of educational resources:  Free lessons; SoWs and policies, Educational events in the UK; Buy on-line from our partners; Search for suppliers and products; Find out about any UK school;  Read daily educational news; Find a new job.

Sites by Sheridan    Teaching and learning resources online pre-K-12.

Teach the Children Well
     A directory of nearly 800 links designed for use by students in grades K-4. It includes science, language arts, arts, math, social studies, and other topics.

Teaching Treasures     Online activities, Projects and Free Worksheets, K-10 Teacher resources and ideas. Teachers, parents and students using this educational site will find many unique online interactive activities, projects, worksheets and many other resources to help with the daily educational learning adventure.

ties - The Magazine of Design and Technology Education       ties Magazine is a non-profit publication for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school teachers who are interested in helping to prepare students to live and work successfully in an increasingly complex technological society.   I found the articles very interesting and helpful. Really worth a visit.
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