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  Some of the best Cetacean (whales, dolphins, porpoises) Sites and Pages on the Web
Ambergris:   A Pathfinder and Annotated Bibliography         An unusual and fascinating site all about the mysterious sperm whale product known as ambergris. If you don't know about ambergris, you're not really a whale expert.   Quote from the site's intro: "This annotated bibliography and information pathfinder will focus on the subject of ambergris, the fragrant raw material for perfumery produced in the gut of the sperm whale, Physeter catodon L., and found cast up on tropical and subtropical seashores."  

Cetacea      This site claims to provide background information on every species of cetacean known to man.

Discovering Whales        A good site, but kind of slow loading (you can turn off the sound and click a text only link which should help, or wait).

Dolphin Web Ring      A bunch of web rings with a lot of sites on dolphins. They are not all scientific, so take what you read at some of them with a grain of salt. At the WebRing site you will get a lot of pop up adds.

Killer Whale Biology       Lots here and in two languages - English and French.

The Killer Whale Zone      Pictures, paintings, information and sounds - all pertaining to Killer Whales.

Masters of the Ocean Realm      Some very useful excerpts from "Masters of the Ocean Realm: Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises" by John N. Heyning. Provided by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Especially look at the stuff on "Cetacean Nomenclature" and "Dolphin or Porpoise", after reading Dr. G's discussion of "Dolphins and non-dolphins".

Sperm Whales: The Deep Divers of the Ocean     A very good one page article on sperm whales with a few good underwater pictures. Think how lucky we are in these modern photography aqua-lung days to be able to see whales underwater.  This is one lesson of seven from "Wonders of the Sea".   Nice pages provided by the The Oceanic Research Group.

Studying Whales In Middle Schools (SWIMS)     A great whale studying program and a links section.

This Whale's (After) Life      Something unusual. What happens to a whale after it dies? Some scientists are studying what happens to a whale carcas and bones after a whale dies. Interesting. A good example of the seemingless endless diversity of the food chain. Top picture missing?

Whales: A Thematic Web Unit      Quote from site introduction: "Welcome to our Whales unit home page. This web document provides a thematic unit for cooperative learning across an integrated curriculum which is an interactive resource for teachers, students and parents. It was designed as a model unit for educators, students and parents to demonstrate the use of the WWW as an educational resource."
  A good idea, a variety of good information and projects, and a good links page.

Whale Club      For whale enthusiasts

Whale Net      Whoa! There is a whole lot here. Very good resource for educators.

Whales!      Whale facts, information, sounds, awesome pictures, and postcards for whales enthusiasts, Put together for you at Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, whale watching capital ofthe world !

Whale Songs      A resource for teachers, students, and whale lovers.

Whale Tales        Introduction to several species, and whale overview for early gradeschool.

Zoom Whales       Great site for kids and educators.   A lot of information.

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Cetacean pages at the FT Exploring Site.
Diving with a Sperm Whale    Join Dr. Galapagos on a fascinating dive to the dark haunts of the sperm whale. Also find out some amazing facts about one of the most mysterious of the great whales.

Whale Bones     Do whales have bones?

Dolphins and Non-dolphins    An entertaining answer to the age old question, "Is a dolphin a whale?", with a great introduction to the wonderful world of taxonomy.

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