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The Amazing Wisdom of Turtle Boy

He's Nearly Well Known !
World's Most Sensible Answers
(Chosen most sensible on Earth by wise non-silly aliens - please see Fine Print below)

Best on the Web for Teachers Question Number 3:
Dear Turtle Boy,
Is your name really Turtle Boy? It's a goofy name and it doesn't make any sense to me. If you were a human who acted like a turtle, or looked like a turtle, or just really liked turtles, we then might call you something like Turtle Boy. But you are a turtle who acts like a human boy. So you should be called Boy Turtle.

How did you get such a silly name that doesn't make sense?
Signed Bugged-by-Goofy-Illogical-Names in Connecticut

Answer to Question Number 3:
Dear Critical,
I am constantly amazed at the things that human beings lay awake worrying about.
However, you make a good point and believe it or not I have an answer. Though the answer may seem even goofier to you than my name.

An Aside on Which Word Goes First
But before I explain my goofy name, I would like to point out that word order, in names and sentences, is based more on convention (the way we are used to doing things) than on logic.
In other words, we put some words in front of other words because that is the way we have always done it, and it "sounds right" to us. It is not necessarily because one word order is more logical than another.

For example, the Nez Perce Indians in Idaho received that name from French Traders. In French Nez Perce' means "nose pierced" (they must have had something through their noses). That sounds funny to most of us. We would rather say "pierced nose". Which one is more logical? I would bet that most English speaking people would say "pierced nose" is more logical and most French speaking people would say "nose pierced" is more logical. It's a matter of what you are used to. Right?

Sometimes we mix things up even in English. Someone that grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, tells us that there are two popular lakes in the area. One is called Lake Pleasant and the other is called Saguaro Lake. Or is it Pleasant Lake and Lake Saguaro?

How Turtle Boy Got His Name
Okay, so here is the story:

After the aliens conducted their study to find out who was the most sensible person on earth (see Turtle Boy Intro Page) they took me on board their space ship to tell me about it and ask me some questions about humans. Humans are very puzzling to them. Can't think why. They also told me lots of interesting things which perhaps I will share with you in future columns.

They were very polite and we talked for a long time. They referred to me as Turtle Boy 612. Apparantly I was the 612th young male turtle they had scanned in their search for the world's most sensible person. Sort of like a field biologist here might refer to one of his study subjects as Grizzly Bear - male - Number 5. When I got back to earth I told all my friends about my experiences with aliens. They said things like "Well, that makes sense" or "Yup. We always thought you were very sensible". Many of them also thought it was pretty funny that I was called Turtle Boy 612. They started calling me that in jest. Pretty soon it became my nickname that almost everyone uses (except my mom).

The Real Name
So what is my real name you ask? Okay, I'll tell you, but I have a feeling you won't like it any better than Turtle Boy.
My real name is Spunky Tugback. Satisfied? Some of my friends call me Spunky T for short.

Since you know it now, we may as well use it. Sometimes I'll be Turtle Boy and sometimes I'll be Spunky Tugback or even Spunky T, just to confuse you. Let us know which one you like best.

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